Understanding Apartment Investing for Working Professionals

Whenever I speak to a potential investor, I get many questions about how multifamily real estate investing works. I get it… it’s not something many of us have heard of. However, once someone learns about it a light bulb goes off. It becomes clear how this is a great way to growth one’s wealth using the benefits of real estate without having to be a landlord.

In this video, I walk through the A-to-Z of apartment investing. I cover:

  • The benefits of multifamily investing
  • What is the syndication model if investing in real estate?
  • How a syndication works
  • What investors get for investing
  • Target returns, minimum investing amounts, etc.
  • Investment lifecycle: From finding an investment to eventually selling it.
  • How multifamily real estate is valued
  • A short sample deal
  • The amazing tax benefits of real estate investing
  • Next steps to learn more and get a glimpse at future deals

It’s a lot of content which I squeezed into 24 minutes. I will be making more in-depth content on many of the bullets above, but this is a good overall introduction to the topic.